signs & tangents

an aural buffet of outward-pointing phenomena

October 19 2013

Installation from 5pm in Computer Lab 2 (CAM 2/11)


Concert at 7:30pm in Phipps Hall

Curated by Braxton Sherouse

Part of our re.sound concert series, “signs & tangents” presents a buffet of music for softspeakers exploring sound’s signification potential.

In a 75 minute program, a collection of seemingly divergent compositions reveals a convergence of thought — a sonic zeitgeist towards constructing outward-pointing phenomena. The concert juxtaposes the performed and the mechanized, nostalgia and futurism, soundscapes pre- and post-anthropogenic intervention, public violence and love, and [non]sense. Works are by Monty Adkins, Justin Bennett, David Claman, Ted Coffey, Erik DeLuca, Paul Koonce, and Mike Solomon.


Prior to the concert, feel free to check out an installation by Braxton Sherouse, hosted in Computer Lab 2.


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